Study Tour on Goals and Pathways for Environmental Improvement for a Beautiful China in 2035


China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED) Special Policy Study (SPS) team that works on “Goals and Pathways for Environmental Improvement to 2035” conducted a study tour to UK and Germany from March 20-27. The delegation included Chinese and international experts.

Meeting with Dr. Raskob, Department for Environment, City of Essen.

Visit to Zeche Zollverein.

In London, representatives from the city authorities, academia and NGOs introduced their experiences in air pollution prevention and control, including the Ultra Low Emission Zone and a series of public interest law suits. In Germany, the delegation studied green urban renewal projects as showcased by the city of Essen and its UNESCO heritage Zeche Zollverein.

Furthermore, a site visit to the Chemistry Park in Marl allowed for the discussion of sustainable chemistry. During an internal workshop at the German Environment Agency’s (UBA) headquarter in Dessau, the SPS team made significant progress on the policy recommendations report which will be submitted at the CCICED AGM in June 2019.

Group picture of whole delegation in London.

Meetings in London.

The SPS team was founded in early 2018 and its international team leader is UBA-President Maria Krautzberger. This study tour was organized and financed by the SGEP project.