Green Recovery with Resilience and High Quality Development

The 2021 CCICED Annual Policy Report incorporates the policy recommendation proposed to the Chinese government “A Great Transition Toward a Green Development Epoch: Low carbon, inclusive, and harmonious with nature”; the 2021 issues paper “The Green Development Epoch”, which is written by CCICED’s Chief Advisors; research reports from 9 Special Policy Studies, including “Global Climate Governance and China’s Role”, “Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Conservation”, “Global Ocean Governance and Ecological Civilization”, “Green Urbanization Strategy and Pathways towards Regional
Integrated Development”, “Green Transition and Sustainable Social Governance”,
“Major Green Technology Innovation and Implementation Mechanisms”, and “Green BRI and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, “Global Green Value Chains”, “Green Finance”; Scoping study report on “Managing River Areas in Times of Climate Change”; Special Policy Report on Nature-based Solutions and
Report on Gender Mainstreaming in SPS Research for the Period 2020–2021.

The Sino-German Environmental Partnership project has financially supported the publication.