Action Plan for Improving the Construction of Beautiful Bays


The Action Plan was issued by the MEE on June 7th, aiming to promote the construction of Beautiful Bays. The concept of ‘Beautiful Bay’ was first introduced at the national level in the 14th FYP. The specialized 14th FYP for Marine Environment Protection characterized Beautiful Bays as having clean water and beaches, abundant marine life, and peaceful coexistence between human beings and the sea. It also set a target of establishing 50 Beautiful Bays by 2025. This new Action Plan regarding Beautiful Bays sets forth a more ambitious goal. The goals include that by 2025, establish 80 Beautiful Bays; by 2027, achieve a 40% completion rate of Beautiful Bays. 3 key actions are proposed (e.g. protecting, restoring, and enhancing typical marine ecosystems).