China’s State Council calls for green, low-carbon and circular development


China’s State Council issued a guideline on February 22, urging efforts to build an economic system featuring green, low-carbon and circular development, and to promote an overall green transformation of the economy and society.

By 2025, the industry, energy and transportation system will see a noticeable improvement, with the manufacturing, circulation and consumption system featuring green, low-carbon and circular development taking initial shape. And by 2035, as the endogenous power for green development will be intensified, the scale of green industry will advance to a new level and the ecological environment will be fundamentally improved the goal to build a beautiful China will be basically achieved, the guideline said.

Six large areas have been emphasized to boost green and low carbon development including a green manufacturing system, a green logistics system, a green, low-carbon and circular consumption system, a green and low-carbon infrastructure transformation, the establishment of a market oriented green technology innovation system, and the improvement of the legislation system.

The guideline also said China will intensify international cooperation in sectors like energy saving and green energy. It will require more international exchanges in policy,technology, and capacity building. China will actively participate in and lead global climate governance, improve its capability of promoting green, low-carbon and circular development, and contribute to building a community of a shared future for mankind.

Photo Credit: GIZ / Felix Döhler