Opinions on Encouraging and Supporting Social Capital Participation in Ecological Protection and Restoration


The “Opinions on Encouraging and Supporting Social Capital Participation in Ecological Protection and Restoration” emphasize adherence to protection priority and systematic restoration, government-led and market operation, goal-oriented and problem-oriented, reform and innovation, and coordinated promotion.

The Opinions encourage and support the participation of social capital in the whole process of investment, design, restoration, management, and care of ecological protection and restoration projects, clarify the involvement of social capital in ecological protection and restoration through independent investment, cooperation with the government, public welfare participation and other modes, and clarify the participation procedures, encourage social capital to participate in the protection and restoration of natural ecosystems, farmland ecosystems, urban ecosystems, mines, and marine ecology, and to explore the development of ecological industries.

The Opinions propose to release dividends from planning and control, property rights incentive, resource utilization, financial and taxation support, and financial support, through policy measures such as linking ecological protection and restoration with resource development and utilization, combining paid use of resources with property rights system arrangements, innovating property rights incentive, releasing related rights and interests, giving financial and taxation support, playing a driving role in government investment, broadening investment and financing channels, innovating green financial.

The government should also provide financial and taxation support, play a leading role in government investment, broaden investment and financing channels, innovate green financial products, and build a market mechanism for ecological protection and restoration that benefits those who restore.