The Regulation on Groundwater Management Come into Force


The regulation has set out specific rules for groundwater in the areas of survey and planning, conservation and protection, over-exploitation control, pollution prevention and control, supervision and management. Local water administrations, natural resource and ecological environment authorities should conduct surveys and evaluations on groundwater conditions and make underground protection and pollution control arrangements accordingly. To enhance groundwater conservation and protection, the total amount of groundwater extracted as well as groundwater levels will be placed under control. Except for special circumstances, groundwater that is not replenished easily should not be exploited.

The regulation has also stipulated standardized regulations on areas where exploitation of groundwater is prohibited or restricted. Provincial-level authorities are obliged to make plans for local groundwater over-exploitation treatment. The regulation demands progress in strengthening the control of activities polluting groundwater; in refining regulations prohibiting soil pollution of groundwater, in regulating production and construction activities; as well as in enhancing monitoring and management. Violations of the regulation will entail legal responsibilities.