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Clarification of responsibilities for ecology and environment-related fiscal expenditure

The State Council published a reform plan to further clarify the division of financial powers and expenditure responsibilities between the central and local governments in the field of ecology and environment.
Policy Summary on the “Master Plan for National Key Ecosystem Protection and Restoration Major Projects (2021-2035)”

China will invest at least 3 trillion RMB on ramping up its ecosystem protection and restoration efforts through nine major projects which are being identified across the country.
Report: China’s ecological environment has improved in 2019

According to MEE’s 2019 Report on the State of the Ecology and Environment, China has made progress on ecological environment protection. The quality of air, surface water, and oceans have all improved.
MEE Minister’s press conference during the Two Sessions Meeting

Minister Huang Runqiu emphasized the continuing importance of environmental protection amid the recovery from COVID-19 and provided details on environmental targets, future work plans, and air pollution.