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Stronger Protection for Migratory Birds Sought

The national forestry authority urged local governments to strengthen the protection of migratory birds and remove threats to their safety as migration season continues.

According to a notice posted on the State Forestry and Grassland Administration’s website on Tuesday, local authorities have been asked to gather accurate information about the species of migratory birds in local territories and the state of their habitats.

Actions should be taken to patrol and guard the birds’ habitats and to clear up nets, traps and poisonous bait set up to hunt them.

Local governments have also been asked to advance efforts on making wildlife protection a part of officials’ performance assessments, a move to push officials to take action in the sector.
China to Play Important Role in Meeting Climate Challenges: Report

NEW YORK – China would play an important role as the climate challenge looms, a report published this month shows. Named Guide to Chinese Climate Policy 2019 and authored by David Sandalow, an inaugural fellow at Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy, the report examines Chinese carbon dioxide emissions, domestic and foreign policies regarding climate change in 2018.

It says that China has already played an important role in bringing down dramatically the cost of solar power and engaged in making electric vehicles. In 2018, China led the world in deployment of renewable energy, electric vehicles and nuclear power plants.

“The way China integrates climate change into economic development has the potential to be a model for many countries around the world” as many countries would like to emulate China’s economic miracle with eyes closely on its development model, according to the report.
Alibaba’s Logistics Arm Cainiao Kicks off Major Recycling Initiative

Cainiao Network Technology, Alibaba Group’s smart logistics arm, announced on Tuesday plans on Tuesday to set up 1,000 recycling boxes in Shanghai for the reuse and recycling of parcel packaging.

The recycling stations located in courier booths across the city are where residents leave their used packages. They can also stand to choose paper packages from the recycling boxes when they need to send parcels themselves.

By the end of June, China has some 12,000 recycling points for disposed packages, and boasts about 20,000 new energy vehicles. Over 96 percent of express delivery orders are now placed through a paperless, electronic logging system.

China churned out 50 billion parcels last year, ranking first globally for consecutively five years. A document released by the State Post Bureau has said that by 2020, half of external packages should be degradable, 90 percent of bills electronic, and packaging for each parcel reduced by 10 percent.
Forest Park a Man-Made Triumph

Three times the size of New York’s Central Park and created by villagers planting tens of thousands of saplings, Binhu National Forest Park is a testament to ingenuity and persistence.

The government of Hefei, Anhui province, oversaw turning abandoned farmland into a massive forest park, and the results have seen it become a popular tourist spot.

The park, with more than 95 percent of the trees being poplars, is a man-made forest in the city, and the only pure man-made one among the country’s hundreds of national forest parks.

Binhu National Forest Park, which extends nearly 11 square kilometers, is located on the northeastern bank of Chaohu Lake, south of Hefei. In summer, thousands of locals visit the park every day to enjoy the fresh air and cool forest surrounds.