Kick-off Meeting of the CCICED Scoping Study on Circular Economy


On February 27, the Kick-off Meeting of the Scoping Study on Circular Economy within the research framework of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED) was conducted virtually. The meeting was attended by the Chinese Chief Advisor of CCICED, Prof. Liu Shijn, along with international and Chinese experts, members of the project team and representatives from the CCICED Secretariat. The primary objective of this meeting was to refine the research focus and establish the implementation plan.

The Scoping Study will concentrate on the experiences and technologies in the field of circular economy drawing inspiration from the “Model Germany Circular Economy” study. This model presents a scientifically-based framework for action that systematically describes the necessary steps for Germany’s transition to a Circular Economy. It provides recommendations for action intended to guide decision-makers from politics, industry, and science.

The study is led by Deputy Director General Ms. Ilka Hirt, International Policy, from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety, and Consumer Protection (BMUV), who serves as a Special Advisor to the CCICED. The coordination of the study will be managed by the Oeko-Institut, one of Europe’s leading independent research and consulting institutions for a sustainable future. The institute has been working since 1977 to develop foundations and strategies for implementing the vision of sustainable development globally, nationally, and locally.

Supported by the Sino-German Environmental Partnership, the study will involve collaboration with Chinese and international experts, aiming to foster a mutual understanding and implementation of circular economy principles, and to provide policy recommendations to the Chinese government.